who’s good and who doesn’t lie to you

21 jump street quotes

[after the ambulance and police have arrived, Schmidt walks up to Molly]
Schmidt: Molly, I'm really sorry. I know you wanted a guy to trust and I wanted to be that person so badly, and I let you down in a lot of ways. And it's good that you're mad at me. I think it's good, I think you should be mad at more guys because you deserve a guy who…who's good and who doesn't lie to you. And you should never settle for less then that. There are good guys out there, who aren't assholes like me.
Molly Tracey: Thanks for saving my life, asshole.
[Schmidt holds out his hand]
Schmidt: Put it there, partner.
[Molly smiles and kisses him]

21 jump street quotes

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