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agree high five 02 smh
applause happy suck it
angry 02 help seriously
awesome hello sad
burn idgaf shrug
clap idk table flip
cool story bro kiss thumbs up 02
clapping 02 lol 02 thumbs down
crying 02 laugh thank you 02
do not want judging you u mad
congratulations middle finger 02 ugh
deal with it meh wtf 02
eye roll mic drop want
frown no what
facepalm 02 oops 02 whatever
face palm omg 02 wink
finger guns ok win
fist bump oh no you didnt wow 02
fml oh snap yawn
flirt party hard yes 02
flip the bird popcorn 02 yolo
give up please goodbye
sorry sigh dancing
gtfo 02 slow clap 02 smile
hug shut up hair flip


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