Only you got a look in your eye like you haven’t been fucked in a year

scarface quotes

Tony Montana: Hey, coo, what is your problem? You got a problem? You're good-looking, you got a beautiful body, beautiful legs, beautiful face, all these guys in love with you. Only you got a look in your eye like you haven't been fucked in a year!
Elvira Hancock: Hey, Jose. Who, why, when, and how I fuck is none of your business, okay?
Tony Montana: Now you're talking to me, baby. That I like. Keep it coming.
Elvira Hancock: Don't call me "baby"! I'm not your baby.
Tony Montana: Not yet, but you gotta give me some time.
Elvira Hancock: Even if I were blind, desperate, starved and begging for it on a desert island, you'd be the last thing I'd ever fuck.

scarface quotes

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