I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party

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Veronica Corningstone: …and that can be very distracting. Okay, so when we get to the pet shop…

Brick Tamland: [while coughing] Cough. Look over here.


Brick Tamland: Excuse me, Veronica?

Veronica Corningstone: Yes? What is it, Brick?

Brick Tamland: I would like to extend to you an invitation to the pants party.

Veronica Corningstone: Excuse me?

Brick Tamland: [struggling] The… party. With the… with the pants. Party with pants?

Veronica Corningstone: Brick, are you saying that there's a party in your pants and that I'm invited?

Brick Tamland: That's it.

Veronica Corningstone: Did Brian tell you to say this, Brick?

Brick Tamland: No. Yes. He did.

Veronica Corningstone: Okay. No. I don't want to go to a party in your pants.

Brick Tamland: Very well. Ian, would you like to go to a party in my pants?

Ian: No, Brick.

Brick Tamland: All right. Let's go.

[runs off, there is a sound of crashing off screen]

Brick Tamland: It's all right. I'm all right.

anchorman quotes

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