Baby Mama quotes

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Kate Holbrook: Did you just stick your gum under my coffee table?
Angie Ostrowiski: [nervous] I don't know.
Kate Holbrook: What do you mean, you don't know? You think you're at an Arby's right now?
Angie Ostrowiski: You know what? I wish I was at an Arby's 'cause there's better food and cooler people there!
Kate Holbrook: [looks under the coffee table] Did you stick *all* this gum under here?
Angie Ostrowiski: I don't know! Maybe you stuck some of it under there.
Kate Holbrook: Yeah, actually, you might be right. 'Cause sometimes, when I work a really long day, I like to come home and chew a huge wad of Bubblicious gum and stick it under my reclaimed barnwood coffee table!
Angie Ostrowiski: Bitch, I don't know your life!

Baby Mama quotes

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